Zeila Archipelago

The Sa’ad ad-Din Islands, also known as the Zeila Archipelago, are a collection of islands off Somaliland’s northern coast. They are close to the ancient city of Zeila. The Zeila Archipelago consists of six small islands that are all low-lying and have sandy beaches. Sacadin and Aibat are the two largest of these islands, located six and nine miles off the coast of Zeila, respectively. At Aibat, there is also a lighthouse. The Sa’ad ad-Din Islands are well recognized for their magnificent coral reefs, which are similar to those located on Oman’s southern coast. These reefs are the most diverse and well-formed coral reefs on the Gulf of Aden shore, and they may be the largest in the region. According to provincial counts, ninety-nine different coral species from forty-three different genera have been discovered on the islands.