Gulf of Kutch Map

The Gulf of Kutch is situated between the peninsula areas of Kutch and Saurashtra, and is limited by the Gujarat state, which borders Pakistan. It leads to the Arabian Sea and the Osman Gulf. It is around 50 kilometers wide at the entrance before narrowing into marshland, creeks, and inlets. The south coast is surrounded by islands, mud flats, and coral reefs, and because of the abundance of marine life found here, huge areas of it have been designated as parks and sanctuaries. The northern side is characterized by huge mud flats, the largest of which may be found between Mundra and Kuvay. Furthermore, the majority of the maritime ports in the region are located on the northern side, including Mndvi, Bedi, and Kandla. The depth of the Gulf of Kutch ranges from 60 to 20 kilometers from mouth to tip.