Gulf of Khambhat Map

The Gulf of Khambhat, also known historically as the Gulf of Cambay, is a bay on India’s Arabian Sea coast, just north of Mumbai and Diu Island. The Gulf of Khambhat is around 200 kilometers long, 20 kilometers wide in the north, and up to 70 kilometers wide in the south. Gujarat’s major rivers include the Narmada, Tapti, Mahi, and Sabarmati, which form estuaries in the Gulf of Gujarat. It separates the Kathiawar Peninsula from Gujarat’s south-eastern region. Asiatic lions live in the Gir Forest National Park and its surrounds to the west of the Gulf, in the Kathiawar or Saurashtra region. The Dangs’ Forest and Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary to the east of the Gulf, where Gujarat joins Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, used to be home to Bengal tigers.