La Digue

La Digue is the Seychelles’ third most populous island and fourth largest by land area, located east of Praslin and west of Felicite Island. It is Seychelles’ fourth-largest granitic island, after Mahé, Praslin, and Silhouette Island and a home to a population of 2,800 people. The majority of the population lives in the west coast communities of La Passe and Anse Réunion. Because there is no airport on La Digue, visitors must travel to Victoria and then continue by ferry, usually through Praslin. It has a land size of 10.08 km2, making it quite easy to get around by bike or foot. La Digue was named after a ship in the French explorer Marc-Joseph Marion de Fresne’s fleet, who visited the Seychelles in 1768.