Penguin Island

Penguin Island is a 12.5-hectare island located near Perth’s coast. It is home to a colony of about 250 tiny penguins, Western Australia’s largest population of the species. The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park encompasses the waters surrounding the island. Regular ferries transport tourists to and from the island and other marine-park attractions, with the trip taking only 5 minutes from Mersey Point. The island can also be reached via private boat, kayaking, swimming, or walking across a 700-meter sandbar, the majority of which is submerged at varied depths. While the island’s little penguins are the major attraction, there are many other breeding and roosting seabirds to be viewed, including a 500-strong pelican colony. The numerous geographical characteristics of Penguin Island include cliffs, small sea caves, headlands, beaches, coves, notches, and natural bridges. There are various wave-cut platforms as well.